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Thats right, I'm getting up off my lazy arse and making the next episode, giving some insightful analysis of the strengths and weakness of the different types of Pikmin. It's gonna be a little different to the previous episodes, we'll see if you like the change

Sonic the LOLhog

2010-02-21 16:07:41 by CammersJDL

2 years in the making, Sonic the LOLhog is finally out, with various Sonical mishaps and a couple unexpected treats along the way. The flash shows how my own skills have developed and i'm happy its finally out, y'all should watch

Sonic the LOLhog

Coming Soon...ish

2009-05-08 21:02:32 by CammersJDL

Reality Check Episode 3: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or Sorccerer's Stone for you yanks)
Hagrid has come to collect Harry and take him to Hogwarts, but Harry might take some convincing...